Valentines Day Searches


Some love it, some hate it, some are indifferent about it, but however you feel Valentines Day is big money business and we have put together some information about the most searched for terms in the lead up to valentines day.

The valentines day rush begins in January with the very generic search term “valentines day” being recorded in 200,000 Google searches and 45,000 bing searches last January.

If we look at the data throughout the year, we can see that companies like Yahoo, Ask, Zazzle and constantly bid on this search term all year round, even months after or before it has gone or come. Much more expectantly, a lot of companies start their bidding on this and related search terms come the January and February months.

On a side note, it is quite interesting to note that there were almost 10 times more search queries related to “valentines day gifts for him” or “valentines day gifts for my boyfriend” than equivalent searches related to women.

It must be clear from the data above then guys that it is much easier for us to buy presents for our other halfs (cue chocolates, flowers, wine, dinner and big fluffy teddy bears) than for our female counterparts.

Good luck next year ladies on your quest for the perfect gift for your man!

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