Keep The Shopping Experience Consistent On All Devices

Every week it becomes clearer that optimising your sites for mobile devices is of upmost importance. 76% of people use the web to research their purchases and 57% of people use their mobile devices to help them shop.


With this in mind Google are shutting down its Google Shopper app on the 30th August and focusing all its energy into its Google Shopping and Google Search sites across all devices.

‘Identifier Exists’ Google Shopping Field

Google has recently created a new field for it’s fields called the “Identifier Exists” column.


This field has been mandatory since 15th July 2013 in the US and will become mandatory everywhere else on September 16th.

The new attribute was created with shops that offer custom goods without an identifier like GTIN or MPN in mind. Custom goods can be hand made or antique/vintage items. Setting identifier exists = false tells Google that this product doesn’t have it’s own official identifier.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Paid Google Shopping

Paid Google Shopping is now roughly a month and a half old but how has it shaped up since its full migration?


Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are now a completely paid for service and appear down the right side of the Google Search Page or below the advertisements above the normal search results.

Nothing else has changed a part from this with the ads linking to the retailers products on their website. When Google made this decision there was somewhat of a backlash in the US, especially from Bing with them setting up their own advertising campaign and website with the strapline of “Don’t Get Scroogled”.

Although this now means that retailers will have to pay more for their advertisement, this move does actually hold some advantages to both retailer and consumer alike.

Because retailers now have to pay for their ads it has massively reduced the amount of bad ads in the system with less products that are out of date, out of stock or not available at all at the advertised price, colour, size etc.


Google Shopping And Mobile Phone Users

I’ll be surprised if you know more than a handful of people, if anyone at all that doesn’t have a mobile phone these days. Of these, I would also take a bet at most of these being capable of connecting to the internet to surf the web, purchase products and do everything in between.

This, of course gives great opportunity for retailers to allow their products to be visible across multiple devices, at anytime and practically anywhere.

The recent Google Enhanced Campaigns have allowed retailers to reach this new breed of customers in the mobile and tablets world and Google has now announced that Product Listing Ads are eligible to appear on smartphones all around the world.

Below is a screenshot from a mobile phone, giving a couple of examples of what a user might see on their phone.


New Google Shopping Program Policies


January 2013

There is no official announcement on the date from Google, however they have announced that they will be announcing new Google Shopping program policies sometime this month.

Please stay tuned to our blog to keep up to date on these announcements and other upcoming announcements from Google in relation to Product Listing Ads.