Facebook Mobile Traffic Surges

Mobile traffic coming from Facebook surged massively from September 2013 to September 2013, up around 253% on last year.

Shareaholics data was released last week and a breakdown of it is shown here:



Shareaholic’s Danny Wong said site owners can’t ignore the obvious.

“Make sure your site is fully optimized for mobile browsing. Let’s face it. No one really enjoys pinching and zooming, or finger dragging, to read or see anything. Your visitors will thank you for it.”

eBay Rate Changes

From the 1st November onwards eBay has announced that they will be changing their rates.


eBay have said that this has been done to ensure that they are able to continue to help retailers to reach the different customers in the multi-channel nature of the web today in the most efficient way.

Category and rates changes can be seen by clicking here.

Complete eBay rates can be seen by clicking here.

What is Google Carousel?

Google Carousel is Googles latest edition to its search engine and you may of already seen it when typing in searches such as “James Bond Movies” as shown below:


This gives business another opportunity to show at the top of Google’s results and clicking on one of these Carousel links takes us to another Google search results page with a branded search query for the business in a particular location.

BrightEdge has created an infographic of how this has impacted search and can be seen below:


Local Google Shopping

People can easily research products using Google Shopping, including comparing items, connecting with merchants online in order to complete their purchases and much more.


Google has started rolling out new features that focus on locality. Including the ability to see the local availability of a product on desktops and smartphones.

Currently these are only available to specific retailers in the US, however it is likely to be rolled out more widely upon a successful trial period.

New Google Wallet Apps for Android And iPhone

Google announced last week that it has released its new Google Wallet app.

The new app is available for all Android Phones on versions 2.3 and higher and iPhones using iOS 6 and above and for users in the US.

The Google Wallet app has been designed to help users easily send money on the go, store any loyalty cards they may have in one place and save money through various offers. The app also lets you view all your previous activity in one easy to use location.

To see the official announcements please visit the following links:


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France Not Adapting To MCommerce

The UK and US markets are booming in terms of MCommerce with 10% of British people having made a purchase on their mobile phone. However, things are not so forward moving across the pond in mainland Europe.


In Germany, 6% of people have made a mobile purchase but then the numbers decline with only 4% of people making mobile purchases in Italy and Holland and this figure is as low as 2% in mainland France.

Reports have suggested that France is around 5 years behind the UK in terms of its Mcommerce activities, whereas China and India are hovering around the 15% mark in terms of total people having made Mcommerce purchases this year.


Amazon Removes Controversial Price Policy

Amazons controlversial price policythat disallowed users from selling goods cheaper elsewhere has now been removed.


The UK and German governments have pressured Amazon through investigations and it appears to have paid off.

Cavendish Elithorn, OFT Senior Director of Goods and Consumer, said:

“As Amazon operates one of the UK’s biggest e-commerce sites, the pricing on its website can have a wide impact on online prices offered to consumers elsewhere. We are pleased that sellers are now completely free to set their prices as they wish, as this encourages price competition and ensures consumers can get the best possible deals.”

The US site and any outside the EU are unaffected by this changed and still have to adhere to this policy.

Data Feeds Can Solve Big Problems

The e-commerce world is a very fast moving place indeed and with prices from competitors consitently changing, your own items going out of stock etc. and keeping up with all these changes whilst maintaining the happiness of your clients is not easy.


Happy customers usually mean repeat customers and further business through good reviews, word of mouth, recommendations etc. With this in mind it is imperative that you use high quality, up to date information in your data feeds.

1. Ensure that your product information is correct, including product titles, descriptions etc. Without this it may be hard for your customers to find you.

2. Check all page URL and Image URL links to make sure that none of these are broken. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a product that doesn’t exist.

3. Remove out of stock items automatically. You will be usually be paying for every click on your products but if that product is out of stock then this is wasted revenue.

4. Make sure that low converting products are either removed or tweaked. You want to get your CPC as low as possible here.

Web Traffic Drop During Outage At Google

All of Google services went down recently, causing a 40% drop in worldwide internet traffic according to Analytics data.


Every one of Google’s services went down during this outage which includes Search, Google Mail, YouTube etc for between one and five minutes.

At the time, the Google Apps Dashboard said:

“We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users, The affected users are able to access Gmail, but are seeing error messages and/or other unexpected behaviour.”

Another message later read:

“Between 15:51 and 15:52 PDT, 50 to 70 percent of requests to Google received errors; service was mostly restored one minute later, and entirely restored after four minutes.”

Probably not suprisingly, Google hasn’t released a comment about why this happened.

Alternative Search Data In Google Analytics

An increasing amount of keyword search terms are showing up as “not provided” or “unknown” in Google Analytics due to their latest updates.


Therefore it may be useful to start looking at new ways of getting search information into your Analytics reports and find out what people are visiting your site for.

The next best way to Google’s direct data is to set up Analytics to use your own sites internal site search function. If you have this data available you can find out what people are searching for at least when they are on your site which should give you an idea about the things people are interested in on your site.

Getting as much data as possible into Analytics reports is hugely important and therefore setting these items up must be part of your strategy.