Why Corporations Should Be Using LinkedIn

Corporations should be using LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy according to the latest latest Investis IQ Audience Insight Report.

The aforementioned report is a collection of data from tracking visitors to corporate websites from the major social media platforms and maybe suprisingly showed that LinkedIn is way ahead of Facebook, Twitter and all others combined.

64% of all visits to corporate websites were from LinkedIn with Twitter recording 14% and Facebook 17% as the graph below shows.



Analytics Offered Inside Twitter

Twitter has always had complaints aimed at it that it is difficult for users to get specific information or statistics on the impact they are having on Twitter, for example how many times tweets have been favourited, re-tweeted or replied to, making it hard to find trends in their content.


To access Twitters new analytics service simply go to ads.twitter.com, login and then go to the Analytics tab to see all your data.

This data can be downloaded as a CSV file and is at the moment very basic, but at least it’s a start.