New Google Wallet Apps for Android And iPhone

Google announced last week that it has released its new Google Wallet app.

The new app is available for all Android Phones on versions 2.3 and higher and iPhones using iOS 6 and above and for users in the US.

The Google Wallet app has been designed to help users easily send money on the go, store any loyalty cards they may have in one place and save money through various offers. The app also lets you view all your previous activity in one easy to use location.

To see the official announcements please visit the following links:


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France Not Adapting To MCommerce

The UK and US markets are booming in terms of MCommerce with 10% of British people having made a purchase on their mobile phone. However, things are not so forward moving across the pond in mainland Europe.


In Germany, 6% of people have made a mobile purchase but then the numbers decline with only 4% of people making mobile purchases in Italy and Holland and this figure is as low as 2% in mainland France.

Reports have suggested that France is around 5 years behind the UK in terms of its Mcommerce activities, whereas China and India are hovering around the 15% mark in terms of total people having made Mcommerce purchases this year.