Zavers by Google


Back on the 11th January 2013 Google brought out their brand new service: Zavers.

Zavers is a new initiative from Google dealing with online coupon redemption that are relevant to the user.

Google’s main aim is to try to enable users to get exactly the coupons they want. The point is to avoid users receiving coupons for US products when they live in the UK or for lovely nutty treats when they are allergic to nuts.

The data used in Zaver is all done live and this helps to majorly set it apart from traditional media and gives manufacturers more opportunities to analyse the redemption of their coupons and customer preferences to enable manufacturers to optimise their budgets and customise campaigns more closely.

This all sounds great but in the real word how will it look? Firstly, a user will visit their favourite shops site and find a discount they like. They can then save the digital coupon to their personal account. The coupon redemption happens in real time, at the product purchase screen with the savings added on purchase.

Zaver is already growing fast and it may be something that you may want to consider using on your existing sites to try and gain more traffic.