New Google Wallet Apps for Android And iPhone

Google announced last week that it has released its new Google Wallet app.

The new app is available for all Android Phones on versions 2.3 and higher and iPhones using iOS 6 and above and for users in the US.

The Google Wallet app has been designed to help users easily send money on the go, store any loyalty cards they may have in one place and save money through various offers. The app also lets you view all your previous activity in one easy to use location.

To see the official announcements please visit the following links:


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Using Gmail and Google Wallet to Send Money To Friends

If you want a quick and easy way to pay a friend back for something then why not send them an email?

That’s the latest offering from Google using Gmail and Google Wallet. If your bank account is linked to Google Wallet then you can send money easily and quickly and best of all for free either using your Google Wallet balance or direct from your bank. In addition there are low fees to send money using a credit or debit card that you link to the account.

To send money, all you need to do is place your mouse over the attachment symbol in Gmail and click the $ icon with the label “Attach money”, simply enter how much you want to send and hit send, job done!


Google Wallet Objects API

Google have announced that you can now connect your loyalty programs, offers and even more to your Google Wallet using the new Google Wallet Objects API.


Due to the fact that most people want to be able to access their loyalty cards and offers on their smartphones Google has now made this possible. The average household in the USA has around 18 loyalty cards, however due to the inconvenience of carrying them all around, less than half of these are used regularly. The same is also true for tickets, membership cards and other items.

Taken from the Google Commerce blog, the release of the Google Wallet Objects API, means that you can now:

  • Save anything to your Google Wallet
  • Drive Customer Engagement With Loyalty and Offers
  • Benefit From The Broader Google Ecosystem