Trusted Stores Is Now Connected With AdWords

The seasonal times are upon us and as such it is more important than ever that online customers trust the stores they are buying from.

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Google Trusted Stores is a massive help in this area as it provides trusted businesses with a Trusted Store badge among other benefits and identification of its status.

This status has now been connected with AdWords meaning you can add reviews etc. to your AdWords text and Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping typically getting a much higher Click Through Rate for your ads.

Google AdWords Express


If you are a local business then it might be a good idea to try using Google AdWords Express. Google AdWords Express means that your ads will appear inside Google Maps across all types of device, be it mobile phone, laptop, desktop pc, tablet etc. and will also appear on related sites inside the US. In addition your Google Plus profile will be used as a guide to match your business to relevant searches.

Using Google AdWords Express you won’t be able to control what keywords there are but you can see the keywords that Google has selected for you and you will not need to manage your ad campaigns as Google makes it easy.

The other advantage is that you don’t need an actual website as you can simply use your Google+ page.

Google AdWords Phone Numbers In Ad Text No Longer Available

According to a recent policy update, if youinclude a phone number in your AdWords ad, you will now need to use the call extensions feature from April onwards.

If you don’t start using this new feature then Google will disapprove your ads.

Google’s official words are:

In the next few weeks, we will no longer allow phone numbers to be used in the ad text of new ads. Advertisers who would still like to promote phone numbers in their AdWords advertising can use the call extensions feature. We’re posting this alert now to provide adequate lead time to make ad changes.

In April 2013, we will begin to disapprove ads that were using phone numbers in their ad text before the March 2013 policy change.

An example of a currently running but will be disallowed in April ad is shown below:


In addition to this, Google will be removing the $1 charge for using a Google forwarding number on ads that appear on desktop searches, such as this one: