Valentines Day Searches


Some love it, some hate it, some are indifferent about it, but however you feel Valentines Day is big money business and we have put together some information about the most searched for terms in the lead up to valentines day.

The valentines day rush begins in January with the very generic search term “valentines day” being recorded in 200,000 Google searches and 45,000 bing searches last January.

If we look at the data throughout the year, we can see that companies like Yahoo, Ask, Zazzle and constantly bid on this search term all year round, even months after or before it has gone or come. Much more expectantly, a lot of companies start their bidding on this and related search terms come the January and February months.

On a side note, it is quite interesting to note that there were almost 10 times more search queries related to “valentines day gifts for him” or “valentines day gifts for my boyfriend” than equivalent searches related to women.

It must be clear from the data above then guys that it is much easier for us to buy presents for our other halfs (cue chocolates, flowers, wine, dinner and big fluffy teddy bears) than for our female counterparts.

Good luck next year ladies on your quest for the perfect gift for your man!

New Google Wallet Apps for Android And iPhone

Google announced last week that it has released its new Google Wallet app.

The new app is available for all Android Phones on versions 2.3 and higher and iPhones using iOS 6 and above and for users in the US.

The Google Wallet app has been designed to help users easily send money on the go, store any loyalty cards they may have in one place and save money through various offers. The app also lets you view all your previous activity in one easy to use location.

To see the official announcements please visit the following links:


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France Not Adapting To MCommerce

The UK and US markets are booming in terms of MCommerce with 10% of British people having made a purchase on their mobile phone. However, things are not so forward moving across the pond in mainland Europe.


In Germany, 6% of people have made a mobile purchase but then the numbers decline with only 4% of people making mobile purchases in Italy and Holland and this figure is as low as 2% in mainland France.

Reports have suggested that France is around 5 years behind the UK in terms of its Mcommerce activities, whereas China and India are hovering around the 15% mark in terms of total people having made Mcommerce purchases this year.


New Google Concept Store

Google has finished building it’s concept store called Web & Mortar which uses mobile web to enhance the user shopping experience.

In this concept store users can browse a whole catalog of products, select products they are interested in and then check out with just a few more clicks. These orders can then be handled by same day delivery services.

The benefit is that these stores can fit into the size of a mobile device or scaled up to a whole shop floor.

A demo video released by Google can be seen below:

If you need any help setting up and submitting your feeds to Google then why not contact us here at FeedPlatform.

bFlex launched by Barclaycard

Barclaycard has launched bFlex, its new online financing market.


Retailers online can start to integrate this product into their online ordering systems and can offer interest free credit and credit financing options to their customers at sale.

Customers can then choose their amount, term and monthly repayment options using a slider interface before completing their purchases all in real time.

Sounds Great is a musical instrument retailer and they have been chosen as the retailer of which to launch the new product with, enabling purchases of all sorts of equipment from acoustic guitars to recording equipment.

Barclaycard themselves have said that the bFlex product is different because the customer themselves controls the repayments and terms and can be used instantly upon the sale of the item.

The managing director of Barclays Partner Finance said:
“Both consumers and retailers want simplicity and flexibility when buying and selling – and online is no different, Barclays Partner Finance and Barclaycard have a wealth of experience in creating innovative payment products and bFlex will allow retailers to offer a truly flexible payment solution at the point of sale, and consumers to spread the cost of their purchases.”

First Half Growth At John Lewis

John Lewis has revealed that it has had a 17.2% increase in the first half of their financial year.


The value of transactions on rose by 24.2% in the week to July 27 and in the six months period to the same date online revenue grew by 17.2%.

Total sales grew by 13% in the week and 6.6% in the six month period.

John Lewis operations director said:
“With the heat of recent weeks easing, customers found an increased appetite to visit our stores and online proposition with sales closing 13% ahead of last year.”

The Managing director said divisional sales in the first half had exceeded £3bn for the first time, adding:

“We have achieved sales growth that has been significantly and consistently ahead of the market – indeed, we have now outperformed the market for more than four years in a row, according to Kantar data. We faced particularly tough comparatives with the equivalent week last year when we had the first sustained period of hot weather of the summer and the excitement for the Olympics had started to build.”

20% Of All E-Commerce Comes From Mobile

The first quarter of 2013 saw the first time that mobile and tablet sales made up 20% of all online e-commerce sales, meaning 1 in 5 purchases were done on the move.


The previous quarter showed just 15.4% so it was a significant increase.

Some have said that this is probably due to the fact that there was such a significant increase in sales of tablet devices over the Christmas period and mobile device e-retail visits increased to 30% of all visits.

At the beginning of 2010 mobile sales only made up around 0.4% of all sales so the 5,000% increase in just 3 years is outstanding.