.brandname Is Coming Soon

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the people in charge of internet addresses has recently decided to allow brand names or organisations to have their own TLD (Top Level Domain).


Those that applied and had a successfull application will now have their own brand name as the part to the right of the dot, replacing .com, .co.uk or whichever previous alternative, for the very first time.

This means that from now on you could see web address such as news.bbc or iphone.apple to replace familar domain addresses such as news.bbc.co.uk or apple.com/iphone.

Late this year, we will start to see the beginning of this, with hundreds of domains having beeen accepted from among the 2,000 applications. These will range from specific brand names such as .nike to more generic terms like .book or .food.

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