eBay Rate Changes

From the 1st November onwards eBay has announced that they will be changing their rates.


eBay have said that this has been done to ensure that they are able to continue to help retailers to reach the different customers in the multi-channel nature of the web today in the most efficient way.

Category and rates changes can be seen by clicking here.

Complete eBay rates can be seen by clicking here.

What is Google Carousel?

Google Carousel is Googles latest edition to its search engine and you may of already seen it when typing in searches such as “James Bond Movies” as shown below:


This gives business another opportunity to show at the top of Google’s results and clicking on one of these Carousel links takes us to another Google search results page with a branded search query for the business in a particular location.

BrightEdge has created an infographic of how this has impacted search and can be seen below:


Local Google Shopping

People can easily research products using Google Shopping, including comparing items, connecting with merchants online in order to complete their purchases and much more.


Google has started rolling out new features that focus on locality. Including the ability to see the local availability of a product on desktops and smartphones.

Currently these are only available to specific retailers in the US, however it is likely to be rolled out more widely upon a successful trial period.