Web Traffic Drop During Outage At Google

All of Google services went down recently, causing a 40% drop in worldwide internet traffic according to Analytics data.


Every one of Google’s services went down during this outage which includes Search, Google Mail, YouTube etc for between one and five minutes.

At the time, the Google Apps Dashboard said:

“We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users, The affected users are able to access Gmail, but are seeing error messages and/or other unexpected behaviour.”

Another message later read:

“Between 15:51 and 15:52 PDT, 50 to 70 percent of requests to Google received errors; service was mostly restored one minute later, and entirely restored after four minutes.”

Probably not suprisingly, Google hasn’t released a comment about why this happened.

Alternative Search Data In Google Analytics

An increasing amount of keyword search terms are showing up as “not provided” or “unknown” in Google Analytics due to their latest updates.


Therefore it may be useful to start looking at new ways of getting search information into your Analytics reports and find out what people are visiting your site for.

The next best way to Google’s direct data is to set up Analytics to use your own sites internal site search function. If you have this data available you can find out what people are searching for at least when they are on your site which should give you an idea about the things people are interested in on your site.

Getting as much data as possible into Analytics reports is hugely important and therefore setting these items up must be part of your strategy.

New Google Concept Store

Google has finished building it’s concept store called Web & Mortar which uses mobile web to enhance the user shopping experience.

In this concept store users can browse a whole catalog of products, select products they are interested in and then check out with just a few more clicks. These orders can then be handled by same day delivery services.

The benefit is that these stores can fit into the size of a mobile device or scaled up to a whole shop floor.

A demo video released by Google can be seen below:

If you need any help setting up and submitting your feeds to Google then why not contact us here at FeedPlatform.

bFlex launched by Barclaycard

Barclaycard has launched bFlex, its new online financing market.


Retailers online can start to integrate this product into their online ordering systems and can offer interest free credit and credit financing options to their customers at sale.

Customers can then choose their amount, term and monthly repayment options using a slider interface before completing their purchases all in real time.

Sounds Great is a musical instrument retailer and they have been chosen as the retailer of which to launch the new product with, enabling purchases of all sorts of equipment from acoustic guitars to recording equipment.

Barclaycard themselves have said that the bFlex product is different because the customer themselves controls the repayments and terms and can be used instantly upon the sale of the item.

The managing director of Barclays Partner Finance said:
“Both consumers and retailers want simplicity and flexibility when buying and selling – and online is no different, Barclays Partner Finance and Barclaycard have a wealth of experience in creating innovative payment products and bFlex will allow retailers to offer a truly flexible payment solution at the point of sale, and consumers to spread the cost of their purchases.”

First Half Growth At John Lewis

John Lewis has revealed that it has had a 17.2% increase in the first half of their financial year.


The value of transactions on JohnLewis.com rose by 24.2% in the week to July 27 and in the six months period to the same date online revenue grew by 17.2%.

Total sales grew by 13% in the week and 6.6% in the six month period.

John Lewis operations director said:
“With the heat of recent weeks easing, customers found an increased appetite to visit our stores and online proposition with sales closing 13% ahead of last year.”

The Managing director said divisional sales in the first half had exceeded £3bn for the first time, adding:

“We have achieved sales growth that has been significantly and consistently ahead of the market – indeed, we have now outperformed the market for more than four years in a row, according to Kantar data. We faced particularly tough comparatives with the equivalent week last year when we had the first sustained period of hot weather of the summer and the excitement for the Olympics had started to build.”

Keep The Shopping Experience Consistent On All Devices

Every week it becomes clearer that optimising your sites for mobile devices is of upmost importance. 76% of people use the web to research their purchases and 57% of people use their mobile devices to help them shop.


With this in mind Google are shutting down its Google Shopper app on the 30th August and focusing all its energy into its Google Shopping and Google Search sites across all devices.