‘Identifier Exists’ Google Shopping Field

Google has recently created a new field for it’s fields called the “Identifier Exists” column.


This field has been mandatory since 15th July 2013 in the US and will become mandatory everywhere else on September 16th.

The new attribute was created with shops that offer custom goods without an identifier like GTIN or MPN in mind. Custom goods can be hand made or antique/vintage items. Setting identifier exists = false tells Google that this product doesn’t have it’s own official identifier.

Optimising Your E-Commerce Site

Optimising for speed should be your number 1 concern for E-commerce sites… Study after study have been done and they all show that page speed and load times are one of the biggest factors in a customer leaving your site before purchasing.


Baring this in mind, here at FeedProfessor we are going to do a mini series to give some valuable tips for e-Commerce sites.

1. Optimise Your Images

If you have lots of images on your site or high quality large images this of course means that your images are going to have massive file sizes which means you are going to have massive page loads… see our intellect?

Whenever optimising a site this should be the first place you look. Pingdom and similar tools are great for getting an idea of where these big files are.Images above 20kb should be immediately looked at and either re-scaled or re-formatted to save size and space on the server. I have seen images reduced from 2mb to 20k without a real noticeable loss in clarity just by using optimisation tools such as Photoshop, converting from png to jpeg and using lower qualities.

Using the tip above is just the start and we will be looking at more tips in the following posts.


Walmart Leads The Way In Google Product Listing Ads

The good people over at AdGooroo has completed a study which has revealed that Google reports make life difficult for advertisers to monitor ad position or total Product Listing Ads (PLAs) impressions.

The completed study results showed the top 20 brands for US based PLAs from ad impressions during March to May 2013. I’m sure you are not suprised to see that the big name brands were right at the top with Walmart showing themselves at No.1 by quite a distance.


The results in the table above show how much the big players are dominating the space.

When Is Too Late To Make Your Site Mobile Ready? Now!

You could be about to lose up to a third of the traffic to your site according to Google.


One of their latest search algorithm changes has had a major impact on how your site will appear on Google and what they look for. In fact its a big message from Google that it’s already too late to start thinking about having a mobile ready site.

A week ago Google announced that it has changed the rankings of its smartphone search results in a way to demote web pages in its organic search that do not have responsive mobile web design built in.

Comparison Shopping Engines Overview

Comparison Shopping Engines can also be called Shopping Search Engines, CSEs or shopping feeds and what they achieve is really all explained in their names.


When you perform a search inside a CSE, they look at the search query and display a list of products with recommendations, prices, quality scores, retailer names etc. for an individual to click through on and make a purchase.

To add products to the CSEs, a user must us a specific product feed for that CSE and the CSE can then sort this information as required.

Some highly popular CSEs include Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Nextag, Amazon Product Ads, Price Grabber and Bing but there are literally thousands more and in 2012 they had revenue of over $1 trillion.