Google Instant Buy API

Did you know that 97% of mobile shoppers actually abandon their shopping carts? That is an incredible statistic and is one that has got Google thinking.


Google launched the Google Wallet API last October in an attempt to speed up payments on mobile websites and from the 15th May they have asked developers in the US to sign up to use their new Google Instant Buy Android API which will make purchases inside Android apps alot faster and easier.

Called Instant Buy, the API has been remade to enable merchants and developers that are selling physical goods and services. Those selling digital assets will have to continue using Google Play in-app billing.

To read more about the new Google Instant Buy API then click here.

Google Penguin 2.0

It appears Google is almost ready to roll out its latest in the Penguin series, version 2.0 within the next few weeks. Matt Cutts, Google engineer confirming on the 10th May 2013 that Google will be rolled out in the next few weeks.


Matt Cutts has already been speaking about the next generation of Penguin since March of this year, stating it would be one of the most talked about Google algorithm updates this year.

Google Penguin began its life in April 2012 and has had 2 updates since, one coming in May and October of last year.

We will keep you updated on the updates made in Penguin 2.0 in the coming weeks once it has been rolled out.

Google Shopping Feed Update

Google announced its new rollout of the commercial Google Shopping model last year in the USA and then worldwide therefore Google have now announced a new Google Shopping Feed Specification.


A few of the changes are noted below:

  • Improved multipack support.
  • Recommendations for High Quality Images.
  • Identifier Exists attribute for products that dont have unique identifiers such as custom goods, vintage items or collectibles.
  • Updated guidance for description and colour attributes.
  • Dedicated support for energy efficient labels and unit pricing.
  • Ability to tag items as non-family safe.

The Unique Product Identifiers will become an an enforced field from the 15th July 2013 in the US and September 16th everywhere else with non-compliant items potentially being removed from Google Shopping.

To download the latest specification please click here.

Google AdWords Mobile


Google AdWords mobile allows you to put your ads in the search results pages on mobile devices, websites, apps and video. We live in a mobile world with people absolutely obsessed by it and you should, love it or not, be involved with it if you want to move forward.

It is also a well known fact that people no longer use a single device to connect to the internet but use a whole range such as laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles etc.

If you are a website owner then there is no excuse for you to not have either a responsive or mobile specific web site. To setup a mobile campaign, you can use enhanced campaigns in AdWords which are a recent change in AdWords that lets you focus on mobile devices.

Google have said that this is their way of being able to target multiple devices and location as they can be used to seperate them from tablet and desktop users for example.

Google AdWords Express


If you are a local business then it might be a good idea to try using Google AdWords Express. Google AdWords Express means that your ads will appear inside Google Maps across all types of device, be it mobile phone, laptop, desktop pc, tablet etc. and will also appear on related sites inside the US. In addition your Google Plus profile will be used as a guide to match your business to relevant searches.

Using Google AdWords Express you won’t be able to control what keywords there are but you can see the keywords that Google has selected for you and you will not need to manage your ad campaigns as Google makes it easy.

The other advantage is that you don’t need an actual website as you can simply use your Google+ page.

Google Purchases Wavii

Google recently purchased a new start-up company called Wavii for a sum of over $30 million.


Wavii is a new summarisation company, and the company said after the take over that:

You probably know us best for our app that takes the deluge of information streaming across the web and condenses it into fast, fun updates. While we won’t continue to offer this particular service, we’ll be using our natural language research at Google in ways that may be useful to millions of people around the world.

To all of our loyal Wavii users, we owe you a big thanks for all of your feedback and involvement throughout this journey. We look forward to taking our technology to the next level and delighting you with what we come up with next!

The company which is based in Seattle uses natural language processing technology to put online news articles into different topics that users are interested in in whichever area. Apparently Apple was also after the technology to use with its Siri technology and this may have made Google jump first.

The company Wavii was formed in 2009 by an ex employee of Microsoft named Adrian Aoun.