SLI Systems Survey: Part 5

SLI-logo-250Welcome to the final part of the SLI systems site search survey. You can see our previous posts here:

So, without further ado, here is the final question…

Q9. What is the most important priority for your choosing a site search function?

  • Relevance – 43.2%
  • Ease-Of-Use – 16.8%
  • Total Cost of Ownership – 15.8%
  • Level of Control – 14.7%
  • Customisation – 9.5%

Using the above answers, there is obviously a clear priority in terms of site search functions and that is relevance. Of course there are other import factors in site search but relevance of results is a highly important factor in increasing conversion rates.

We hope these survey reviews have been useful for you but if you have any questions or would like a copy of the survey then please get in contact.

SLI Systems Survey: Part 4

SLI-logo-250Entering the 4th and penultimate part of our series on the SLI systems survey, you can read our previous post here eCommerce and Site Search Survey: Part 3.

Below are the 7th and 8th questions from the survey with responses.

Q7. Which of the following non-product content do you already have or are you planning to add to your eCommerce site in 2013?

Already Have

  • Tweets – 66.0%
  • Blog Posts – 62.0%
  • Articles & Press Releases – 59.4%
  • Online Videos – 59.3%
  • How To information – 52.9%

Plan to add in 2013

  • How To information – 34.6%
  • Blog Posts – 26.9%
  • Online Videos – 25.0%
  • Articles & Press Releases – 22.6%
  • Tweets – 22.6%

Twitter and blogging has definitely taken it’s hold lately with 66% having tweets placed on their sites and 62% having blog posts integrated into their sites.

Q8. Which of the following are true for your 2013 Mobile eCommerce strategy?

  • Plan to build a mobile eCommerce site – 41.3%
  • Already have a mobile eCommerce site – 34.9%
  • Plan to improve the site search on mobile eCommerce site or application – 23.9%
  • Plan to build a mobile eCommerce app – 22.0%
  • No plans in the next 9 months – 16.5%
  • Already have a mobile eCommerce app – 10.1%

A staggering 65.1% of companies didn’t have a mobile eCommerce site and 89.9% didn’t have a mobile eCommerce app, with 41.3% planning to build themselves an eCommerce mobile site and 22.0% planning to build an app.

It shows that the mobile specific eCommerce world is still really in its infancy.

Are Google Paid Ads A Good Thing?


After Google’s decision to turn off it’s free Product Listing Ads and turn it into a solely paid service, many advertisers have become concerned about how this will affect them.

Here at FeedProfessor though we believe that this is a blessing in disguise. Since October 2012, the paid ad listings have been active and therefore we already have a little insight into the affects it will have here in the UK.

If you think carefully about this, you will realise that actually this is a good way of ensuring the quality of the advertisements, if advertisers know that they will now be paying for what they post and will also remove some of the competition saturating the ads. This in reality brings about an improvement in the quality, accuracy and reliability of information that appears in Google Shopping searches.”

Kenshoo recently released data about the affects this has had and it has showed that the Product Listing Ads outweigh search ads over and over with the Click Through Rate being 73% higher in PLAs, conversion rates 35% higher, return on ad spend up 46% and the Cost Per Click being reduced by 36%.

We would therefore encourage you to start using the PLAs to your advantage as soon as possible.

SLI Systems Survey: Part 3

Now we are into our 3rd installment taken from the SLI systems site search survey we will review the 5th and 6th questions. To read the previous 3 questions please visit SLI Systems Survey: Part 2.

Q5. Which of these site search features do you already have or are you planning on adding or improving in 2013?

Already Have

  • Merchandising – 50%
  • Refinements – 45.5%
  • Rich Auto Complete – 45.2%
  • A/B Testing – 28.6%
  • Ajax – 27.8%
  • Mouse-Over Pop-Up Images – 22.2%
  • Floating Bar Search 8.0%

Plan to add in 2013

  • A/B Testing – 46.4%
  • Merchandising – 43.8%
  • Refinements – 40.9%
  • Rich Auto Complete – 38.1%
  • Mouse-Over Pop-Up Images – 37.0%
  • Ajax – 33.3%
  • Floating Bar Search – 28.0%

A/B Testing has come out on top of the shopping list for eCommerce sites in 2013 with almost half of the companies looking to add this feature next year.

Q6. What strategies have you added to your eCommerce site in preparation for the December holiday shopping season?

  • More SEO – 50.5%
  • Better Merchandising – 34.9%
  • Better Visualisation – 33.0%
  • Better Refinements or Navigation – 30.3%
  • More Relevant Site Search – 28.4%
  • Online Videos – 26.6%
  • Mobile – 25.7%
  • Ratings and Reviews – 23.9%
  • Customer-Focused Analytics – 16.5%
  • Recommendations – 15.6%
  • New eCommerce Platform – 10.1%

SEO was a huge factor for companies trying to jostle for position in the run up to Christmas with over half the companies saying they added this pre-December.

SLI Systems Survey: Part 2


Last week we began our review of the SLI Systems Survey in eCommerce in our post SLI Systems Survey: Part 1. Here we will continue to review the answers.

Q3. Please rank the top priorities for your eCommerce site in 2013.

  • Site Search – 22%
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – 16.5%
  • Mobile – 14.7%
  • eCommerce platform – 13.8%
  • Customer-focused analytics – 6.4%
  • Social media – 6.4%
  • CRM – 6.4%
  • Security – 4.6%
  • Content Management – 3.7%
  • Recommendations – 3.7%
  • Payment Processing – 0.9%
  • Ratings and Reviews – 0.9%

Using the data above we can see that eCommerce companies consider that site search will be the main focus of their activities in 2013. SEO, mobile and a specific eCommerce platform follow closely behind.

Q4. What are the biggest challenges you face as an eCommerce organisation?

  • Improving Conversions – 59.8%
  • Attracting More Buyers To The Site – 54.9%
  • Expanding Internationally – 21.6%
  • Improving Logistics – 17.6%
  • Rising Advertising Rates – 7.8%

I guess it must be considered pretty obvious for eCommerce companies to want to improve their conversion rates, as without conversions a company not continue to trade.

Look out for our upcoming posts to gain more insight into the survey report.

SLI Systems Survey: Part 1

SLI-logo-250During the end of 2012, SLI systems conducted a survey among UK eCommerce companies.

This survey was filled in by 110 eCommerce companies throughout the UK and FeedProfessor have summarised the major points below:

  • 41% of merchants plan to complete mobile site for their companies before the end of 2013.
  • 22% of merchants have stated that they have plans to create mobile apps in the near future.
  • 24% of those who said they already had mobile versions of their sites have stated that they plan to improve their current mobile sites.

The details and data that we have listed above is showing that a trend towards mobile optimised sites and dedicated mobile apps.

See below for the first 2 questions in the survey (we will be covering the rest in future parts).

Q1. What is your company’s total online revenue?

Below are the responses from the survey, asking about the total online revenue for the year.

  • Less than £1m -25.7%
  • £1m -> £9.9m – 27.5%
  • £10m -> £49.9m – 19.3%
  • £50m + – 16.5%
  • Don’t want to reveal/don’t know – 11.0%

Its  clear that there is not one stand out answer, however there is a higher percentage of revenue between £1m and £10.

Q2. What percentage of your company’s business is conducted online?

Below are the responses from the survey, asking about the percentage of online business as a total of all business.

  • 100% – 16.5%
  • 75% + – 17.4%
  • 50% + – 20.2%
  • 25% + – 10.1%
  • Under 25% – 35.8%

From the data above we can see that the majority of eCommerce businesses don’t actually conduct most of their business online.

Watch this space because we will show the rest of the responses during next week.

Google Product Listing Ad Study

Last year Google decided to make its transition from free to paid listings. This caused a scramble among merchants causing them to increase their budgets for PLAs towards the end of 2012, below is some of the data to see how it has worked out.


Reading the above graphs and compiled data from Marin Software we can see that:

  • Towards the end of 2012 merchants budgets for Product Listing Advert budgets increased by 600%.
  • There was a 210% increase in search click through rates of Product Listing Ads.
  • There was a 60% increase in Impression share of Product Listing Ads.

From the information above and other data on the new Product Listing Ads system it would appear that they are definitely a route that should be seriously considered by all merchants, with this in mind, below are some things to remember when working with PLAs.

  • Keep your feeds fresh. Make sure that you don’t look at your feed once and then assume all will be ok for the rest of eternity. You must constantly update your feeds and refine them to meet your ever changing needs.
  • Always use high quality images that describe the image in as much detail as possible.
  • Keep up to date with your competitors and set your prices accordingly.

If you would like any advise on feeds then why not get in contact with us or leave a comment below.